Mixtape Pyramid Scheme

Make a mixtape with a summer theme.  Swap it with cats from all over the world.  But hurry, cuz time is running out.  I should've advertised this here earlier because on the Summer Solstice, just one week from today, the Summer Burn kicks off.  Here's how it works:  You make a mix ceedee, you send out 2 copies, and you get 2 mixes back, from gawd-knows-where.  Hit the link above and follow the simple instructions.  Then lay down yr naught-six summer mix.  Send 2 copies to where they tell you.  After a while you should get 2 others back in the mail. Click hyarr and sign up.  Do it now!

I'll be sure to log my own summer mix here of course, and probably the 2 I receive as well.


  1. Well Matt, it's a blog update of sorts; but no mix tape! Your vast audience waits with baited breath!

    Uncle Crunk

    P.S. Still working on Jen's 2nd tape which might just become —ta da— a Summer Mix Tape. I will not be making two copies to send anywhere else. Did you guys go out to see Mom?

  2. My vast audience of One?

    We did see her, for 2 days last month. We had a good time. She's doing great.

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  4. Wow, I got spam. That is so cool.

    Mary: best of luck.