Stevie's Advice

In the (rather thick) booklet accompanying the brand-new Belle and Sebastian album The Life Pursuit, Stevie Jackson (the Dave Davies of Belle and Sebastian) offers some words about making a mixtape for the one you would love to love.  And I think his advice is just right, not that I know much about romance or mixtapes.  It is certainly better that what I've heard from some other folks who presume to assert their authority on this subject...like that Nick Hornby (I'll sort him out later).

. . . It's important that you don't lose control in this situation, have confidence in your own tastes, in your own cool, in your own feelings, don't, I repeat, don't try and second guess her, putting on stuff that you think would engraciate you into her favour, let your own personality come to the fore, teach her what you know, have faith in what you have to give but of course you gotta have a couple of messages in there that let her know the extent of your feeling, flatter her a little, let her know that you dig her, keep it subtle though, mustn't give her a stalker vibe. . . .

Spot on, eh?


  1. Matt,

    You simply must link Dave Davies to a better picture and/or site. You'll have people thinking he's a wanker.

  2. I just compared Stevie Jackson to him, and you think the picture implies he is a wanker?

  3. I love Stevie. The fedex man is here to deliver a package from him to me as we speak. he is VERY romantic.

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